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Let China’s general aviation industry to get to know you, contact you and do business with you.

You must have known that China’s general aviation industry has been very active lately; in October 2014, Prime Minister Li Keqiang delegated the authority to approve new GA airports to lower governmental levels in an effort to encourage local governments to build more of them in the future, in January 2015, Mr. Li Jiaxiang, Administrator of CAAC brought up the estimation that there will be 2,800 GA airports built in China’s by 2030. On May 17, 2016 the State Council of the People’s Republic of China issued a document titled “Guiding Opinions to Promote the Development of the General Aviation Industry”. Often referred to as State Council Doc (2016) #38, the authority of the document is roughly equivalent to an executive order in the US. The document is seen by many as representing a major turning point in the development of China’s general aviation industry and many changes have already come about in the industry since it was issued a year ago. More and more government and private sectors are both aggressively involved in the purchasing of aircraft, including aircraft manufacturers, building airports and aviation industry parks, setting up flight schools, charter operators and dealerships for brokerage of aircraft and parts. Do you know why China is suddenly interested in this long overdue industry?

Uniworld, LLC and Francis Chao are the major driving force behind this movement. Starting from 2002, the Uniworld, LLC held the first China General Aviation Forum, a round table business oriented meeting for international GA/BA players to share their information and knowledge with the Chinese government and industry counterparts. In the past13 years’ annual China General Aviation Forum, more than 3,000 attendees from all over the world gathered together to form teaming partnerships in building GA/BA in China. For more information, please visit .

To strengthen the understanding of GA/BA and the benefits to the government and private sectors, Uniworld, LLC and Francis Chao, back in 2007, started publishing the most influential GA/BA educational and promotional book in China – “What is General Aviation?” Since then, 50,000 copies in 5 different editions have been printed and distributed to the central and local governments, state owned enterprises, major corporations, entrepreneurs and aviation enthusiasts. These 50,000 copies of the full color 135-page book delivers the most important information to China’s elites regarding what is general aviation, its applications, the economic benefits, the business potentials and the land developing opportunities. This first ever GA/BA campaign in China opened many people’s eyes to seeing the future and they have devoted themselves into this emerging industry.

Let China’s GA/BA industries to get to know your products or services by joining our production of the 6th edition of the “What is General Aviation?” book. A new section dedicated to Business Aviation will be included in the newest edition of the book. 10,000 copies of this influential book will be printed and delivered during Oct/Nov of 2017. Be a part of the most successful GA/BA campaign in Chinese history and become the most popular and successful services provider or supplier of products and equipment.

In order to help you identify and qualify China’s potential customers or teaming partners, we will help to translate your ads into the Chinese language and provide our local contact information for your use and to provide easy access for your potential Chinese customers. We will also translate your sales leads into English and forward to you as part of our service. With this offer, you are not just placing an ad; you are opening a fully staffed office in China.

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