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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

A Helicopter Accident in Hubei Province

湖北一直升机着陆时发生侧翻 飞机受损人员安全


An AS305 helicopter had an accident during landing after its training flight in Hubei Shashi Airport on May 23rd. The aircraft rolled over, but the pilot was safe. The CAAC Hubei Safety Supervision Bureau is involved in the investigation.

According to Hubei Yinyan General Aviation Co., Ltd, the aircraft involved is one of their helicopters just bought several months ago. The General Manager Mr. Jia Fuxiang mentioned that their company took immediate action after the accident, the helicopter was partially damaged, and the two pilots were not hurt. The improper handling by pilots led to this accident. The head office of Hubei Yinyan General Aviation Co., Ltd is located at the Shashi Airport. They have 6 GA aircrafts and their main business includes artificial precipitation, aerial photography, firefighting, aerial inspections, aerial seeding, etc.

Shashi Airport is currently the largest GA airport of Hubei Province with 5 general aviation companies based on site which operates 30 aircraft in total. They mainly engage in forestry industry and agriculture related flight operations, as well as health and other kinds of flight activities. Now is the peak-season, when the company’s pilots are busy in training.

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