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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012


提到通用航空,通常第一个出现在人们脑子里的情景应该是这样的吧:一架不大的飞机在天空中自由飞翔。然而,在中国特殊的航空政策下,我们是不能轻易开着飞机这样“自由飞翔”的。 “渴望开飞机,却不能随便开飞机,即使您已经有足够财力购买了私人飞机,它也不能翱翔于蓝天,得长时间屈服于大地。可是我们都想飞啊!”一个参加由美国世兴公司和《民航报导》举办的2013年第十一届中国通用航空商务交流会的业内人士诉苦。

China is purposely ignoring and maintaining distance in proper general aviation development, resulting in a critical missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of the image of a harmonious society the Chinese government is trying to build.
General aviation covers all aviation activities outside scheduled airlines, including business aviation, medical evacuation, aerial photography, crop dusting and forestry, firefighting and rainmaking, news gathering, public security, pilot training, sport and private aviation, among others.


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