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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The Ministry of Public Security of the P.R.C and AVIC Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement



The Ministry of Public Security of the P.R.C and AVIC signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Currently, there are 22 police aviation units in the public security organs across the country, which are equipped with more than 40 police helicopters of varying models. These play an irreplaceable role in the pursuit of fugitives, search and patrol, police transport, anti-smuggling and narcotics enforcement, counter-terrorism and riot control, security, traffic control, fire-fighting and rescue work.

AVIC Helicopter is the only state-owned aviation enterprise working in helicopter development, marketing, service, and operation. Its member units include the AVIC China Helicopter Research and Development Institute, Hafei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd, Changhe Aircraft Industries Group, AVIC Huiyang Aviation Propeller Co., Ltd, China Flying Dragon General Aviation Co., Ltd, and Tianjin Helicopter Co., Ltd. AVIC helicopters have been set up in Nanjing, Hefei, Tianjin Binhai, Jiaozuo and other law enforcement agencies.

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