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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

CAAC holds Air Routes Network Plan and Research Plan Achievement Evaluation Meeting


The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) held the China Air Routes Network Plan and Implementation Plan Research Achievement Evaluation Meeting on December 14th in Beijing. The meeting, attended by the officials and personnel of the CAAC and invited civil aviation air traffic management experts, was hosted by the CAAC’s Department of Personnel, Science, Technology and Education. The main objective of the meeting was to come up with plans to improve the system of China’s air transport. It also aimed to update the attendees on the development and achievement of the previous research made in China’s air routes network. The agenda of the Air Routes Network Plan and Implementation Plan Research Achievement Evaluation Meeting included conducting technical research on national air routes network and meeting the requirements on both medium and long-term plan for strategic development. They also discussed options on how to maximize the use of China’s airspace resources. The meeting provided an opportunity for the attendees to discuss issues on enhancing China’s air routes network through advanced research. It also encouraged the application of science and technology to further improve their research plan. During the meeting, the attendees analyzed the different problems faced throughout the research. They determined the principles governing air routes in the network plan, shared and analyzed ideas, and estimated the current situation of China’s air routes network. The meeting touched upon relevant topics, including air routes network navigation service, which led to an open forum on China air routes network plan and its implementation. The meeting also encouraged the attendees to come up with references based on theories and scientific facts to be used as a manual for the final implementation of the national air routes network plan of China.

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