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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Shenzhen Baoan International Freight Station certified by CAAC


The International Freight Station of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport received the Certification for Dangerous Goods Training Organization from the Flight Standard Department of the CAAC. The Flight Standard Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the department in charge of air safety, conducted the inspection and gave its approval to the international freight station. Accordingly, the International Freight Station of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport held extensive training classes on dangerous goods from October 29 until November 9 of 2007. Four classes covering subjects on dangerous goods were conducted to hone the skills of all personnel assigned to handle and transport the high-risk materials. The topic of the training included proper receiving and transporting of common goods; awareness of dangerous goods; and the handling, loading and storing of dangerous goods. The objective of the Dangerous Goods Training Organization is to improve safety consciousness among workers dealing with dangerous goods. The training is an essential part in the preparation of dangerous goods for safe air transport. It also aims to help dangerous goods personnel to enhance their emergency response capability.

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