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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

2nd US-China executive training and UK controller training meeting held in Beijing


The US–China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) Second Executive Management Development Training (EMDT II) and the UK British Aerospace (BAE) Controller Training Project Report Meeting were held on December 6th in Beijing, China. Present at the meeting were Minister Yang Yuanyuan and Vice Minister Yang Guoqing of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The top CAAC officials gave keynote speeches during the meeting. The objective of the EMDT II is to provide extensive training for CAAC and Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) officials on executive, managerial, technical, and operational functions in relation to their duties and work responsibilities. The EMDT is in line with the platforms set by the US-China Aviation Cooperation Program in cooperation with the CAAC, the US Trade and Development Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and ACP member companies. EMDT II provided hands-on training for Chinese aviation executives on significant areas of aviation management. Thirty-five executive trainees from various domestic civil aviation administrations, air traffic management systems, and airlines were chosen by their respective offices, passed the English qualification examination, and were sent to the United States for training. The four-month training covered case studies, practical application of ICAO regulations, and theories on management, including Six Sigma certification. The training also touched on the trainees’ professional understanding of air traffic management and transport. During the last leg of the training, the executive trainees were assigned to various departments in the U.S. based on their qualifications and expertise. The U.S. offices, such as the FAA, airline companies and air traffic management departments took in the Chinese executives, who were given respective on-site training. On the other hand, the UK BAE, in cooperation with the CAAC, will train high-quality air traffic management professionals through its Controller Training Project. The UK BAE Training School is one of the three controller training schools sanctioned by the UK Civil Aviation Administration. The initial plan of the Controller Training Project includes the selection of professional Chinese air traffic controllers for international training. The training will cover methods on controlling airport, radar approach, and regional radar. The UK BAE training project will consist of two parts, the initial controller training and the in-service controlling teacher training. The initial controller training will require the Civil Aviation University of China and the Civil Aviation Flying University of China to select and send 16 outstanding students to the United Kingdom for a five-month controller course. The second, which is the in-service controlling teacher training, will require 11 highly selected teachers for two months of intensive training, also in the UK.

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