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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Shanghai Pudong International Airport expansion project passes acceptance


Shanghai Pudong International Airport’s flight area expansion project passed final acceptance on December 29th after it satisfied all the requirements set by China’s civil aviation authorities. The airport’s expansion, which began its construction at the end of 2005, was finally completed by the end of 2007. The main construction project includes a second terminal building, a synthetic support, and an expansion of the flight area. Both the second terminal building and the synthetic support projects of the airport were fully completed and previously given acceptance. The total expansion project carried out more than 60 different constructions built over an area of nearly 1.5 million sq. m. It included the laying of structures of the third runway, the construction of the second terminal building, and the west freight apron covering an area of 2.5 sq. km. The airport also carried out expansion on over 40 kilometers of various roads inside the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, equivalent to the existing road that connects Pudong and Hongqiao Airport. The completion of the expansion project further increases the airport’s handling capacity. It is projected that by 2015, the airport will be able to handle a volume of 60 million passengers, 4.2 million tons of cargo and mail, and an aircraft landing and takeoff of 490,000 movements yearly. The completed expansion project of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport is expected to commence full operation before the Beijing Olympic Games in August 2008.

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