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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Sino-Mongolia ATC Coordination Meeting convenes in Beijing


The Sino-Mongolia ATC Coordination Meeting convened in Beijing on January 23rd to discuss the creation of a new bilateral Air Traffic Control (ATC) operation between the two countries. The meeting was attended by Wang Liya, Vice Director of Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB) of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), and the Mongolian delegation led by Gongor Ganbaatar, General Manager of the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (CAAM), and Gombo Nasanjargal, Director of Mongolia’s National Air Traffic Services Center. The joint resolution of the Asia-Pacific flight plan and the new transfer agreement of ATC between the two countries were discussed, reviewed and documented. The two parties also confirmed the newly opened entry and exit point for the west of INTIK and other air routes between Mongolia and China. The delegation also discussed several relevant issues, including Mongolia’s requirements on opening air routes linking Choibalsan to Hailaer and Harbin, search and rescue methods, and the mutual visitation of ATC personnel in line with the agreement of the two countries on bilateral cooperation on civil aviation. Two new air routes connecting northern and eastern China with Mongolia’s central, west and northern areas will be ready by April 10th. Through the implementation of the additional air routes, the air traffic capacity and the methods to prevent air traffic delay will be significantly improved. Furthermore, it will reduce the distance of flight between the main European cities and the main cities in Asia. The opening of new air routes linking China and Mongolia to other Asian and European destinations will also enhance the flight operation and service for the upcoming Olympic Games. The additional air routes between the two countries should help to ensure a smooth and steady flow of air traffic during the 29th Beijing Olympic Games in August 2008. The meeting concluded with improved mutual understanding and support between the two countries’ air traffic management departments. It also resulted in furthering the rapport between China and Mongolia on their joint effort to promote and expand the air traffic control operation between their respective nations.

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