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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Shanghai Regional Control Center of East China ATMB RVSM inspected


CAAC Vice Minister Wang Changshun and leading CAAC RVSM supervision group gave the Shanghai Regional Control Center of East China ATMB a visit from October 29th to 30th to examine and direct the preparation work on RVSM implementation. During the two-day inspection, the CAAC group viewed related special information, listened to the report on control preparation work, consulted with related professionals, and checked the site’s control center and operation. According to Wang Liya, Vice Director of ATMB of the CAAC, the inspection gave them a detailed outline on issues on RVSM implementation. These topics include: controllers’ skill on flights control altitude transfer; implementation of air routes side offsetting during RVSM implementation period; and mutually posting controllers and equipment connecting people between neighboring high-altitude control areas. RVSM is an important project to carry out after integration of civil aviation air traffic management. It has an important meaning and effect on increasing flight flow and improving the air routes flight environment. Since November 22nd, the preparation work of the Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) in airspace higher than 8400 meters is under implementation all over China. Wang Changshun set three requirements on ensuring successful RVSM implementation. These are safety, emphasis, and proper implementation. This will lead to an increased understanding of risk prevention, improve exchange and cooperation with flight crew, and show detailed measures and plans for every work. To ensure safety, it will give priority to busy air routes, cross air routes and air routes with altitude level transfer after implementation of RVSM. Lastly, it will actualize personnel, position, detail and action for control program, and establish standards to ensure the successful implementation of RVSM. The Shanghai Regional Control Center of East China ATMB of CAAC has fulfilled its goal in preparation for the successful implementation of RVSM in the area. It has put into practice risk management as its core, and made key improvements on its controllers’ skill and emergency handling capabilities. Its organization management and projects were also fulfilled. RVSM special topics training for controllers and the establishment of RVSM safety and security measures were also carried out.

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