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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Shanghai-Guangzhou alongshore air route reconstruction project inspected


The Airport Department of CAAC organized the industry inspection and acceptance of the Shanghai-Guangzhou alongshore air route reconstruction project on November 7th. The acceptance inspection was attended by officials and representatives from the CAAC’s General Office, Plan Department, ATMB, East China ATMB, Central South ATMB, Special Construction Quality Surveillance General Station of CAAC, and the project’s design, construction, and supervision units. The construction project which began in 2003 gained approval from the National Economy and Trade Commission in August 2000. The CAAC approved the project’s sub-items design prospectus and initial design in December 2002 and December 2003 respectively. The project was finally completed in July 2007. The construction project includes: expanding automatic systems, radar control seats, equipment of Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Shantou Control Centers; establishment of Wenzhou and Jieyang secondary radar stations; and retrofitting Shenzhen’s secondary radar. The project’s completion will improve continuous coverage of air route radar and voice communication in the east alongshore area. It will also increase and improve air route communication and surveillance measures, air route flight flow volume, the air traffic congestion situation, air traffic safety securing capability and will further promote modern processing of the civil aviation air traffic facilities.

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