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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Alashan League, Inner Mongolia Ximeng Group ink agreement


An agreement between Alashan League and the Inner Mongolia Ximeng Group was signed on October 15 as part of a mutual accord to establish three small civil aviation airports in three banner governments’ locations in the Alashan League. The agreement aims to promote the active participation of the Inner Mongolia Ximeng Group in the improvement of Alashan League civil aviation transport industry and in the development of its resources. The Inner Mongolia Ximeng Group committed to invest in the establishment of three small civil aviation airports, to be located in the Alashan Left Banner, Alashan Right Banner, and Ejina Banner. The group also committed to set up an airline and air transport network link inside the League. Vice President Yu Dehui of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region attended the signing ceremony.

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