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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Assembly of first ARJ21 plane to start in March


The assembly of the first ARJ21 aircraft will start in March, following the delivery of the plane’s body in Shanghai. The aircraft’s wing and central body will be delivered in March, paving the way for the presentation of the first ARJ21 test aircraft this year. The plane’s body parts--including the aircraft nose and vertical tail wing, which were manufactured in Chengdu and Shenyang--were earlier brought to Shanghai for the assembly. The assembly will be done at the Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, which also produces the horizontal tail wing. A second test aircraft is scheduled to be assembled this year. The ARJ21 will make its test flight in March 2008 and will continue for over a year. The test aircraft will be used for research only, and will not be delivered as an order to a customer. The first aircraft will be delivered to customers in 2009. AVIC1 Commercial Aircraft Co. (ACAC) has 71 orders of ARJ21. In 2010, 11 aircraft will be produced. The production rate will be 30 aircraft in 2011, eventually reaching 50 aircraft per year. The ARJ21 Aircraft Customer Service Center, located in Minhang District, Shanghai, was inaugurated in December 2005. The center includes five customer service centers, customer training, customer spares, customer quick response, customer information and aircraft retrofit and maintenance. The center will provide training service for pilots, mechanics, crew and dispatchers for customers of ARJ21. Its training area will be equipped with an advanced ARJ21 full flight simulator and flight training equipment. The center will start operating in November 2008.

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