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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

77 airlines pass certification test


There are 28 airlines and 49 general aviation airlines in China that have passed the operation certification examination imposed by the government. Airlines that have passed the certification are under continuous supervision and inspection on every level. Under CCAR Part 121, airlines that were examined were Okay Airlines, Spring Airlines, Eagle United Airlines, East Star Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, China United Airlines, China Express Airlines, Lucky Air, Donghai Airlines, Jade Cargo International, Great Wall Airlines, Shanghai Airlines Cargo International, and Grand China Express. On the implementation of the CCAR Part 129 examination, after January 1, 2007, all foreign air carriers operating in China must pass the examination of Part 129. Currently, the North China Regional Administration, East China Regional Administration, and Central South Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) have issued regulations for 120 foreign air carriers. There are also 12 domestic airlines and 44 foreign airlines holding dangerous goods permission under the CCAR Part 276 examination. The CAAC’s Flight Standard Department, through a series of measures such as establishing a communication channel with the China Air Transport Association, enhanced effective management on the transportation of dangerous goods. 32 airlines passed the examination in 2006 under CCAR Part 91, bringing the total of airlines that have passed the exam to 49. According to the CAAC’s Flight Standard Department, general aviation airlines that have not passed the CCAR-91 operation examination after September 1, 2006 cannot operate. From 2005 to 2006, seven domestic flight training centers and 12 foreign flight training centers were examined and awarded operation certificates under CCAR Part 142. On the implementation of the CCAR Part 141 examination, two domestic units have acquired the aircraft pilot school temporary certificate. To expand pilot training and meet the demand for pilots in civil aviation, the Flight Standard Department created certification exams for foreign pilot schools. Currently, 18 foreign pilot schools have passed the examination. As of last January, 1,072 students were enrolled in foreign pilot schools. On the implementation of the CCAR Part 147 examination, six maintenance training units have now passed the examination. On the implementation of the CCAR Part 145 examination, the Flight Standard Department organized an examination for domestic and foreign maintenance units. In 2006, there were 351 domestic maintenance units and 322 foreign maintenance units holding maintenance licenses from the CAAC. Last year was the first year for the implementation of CCAR Part 60. The identification of simulators, including 119 units for 15 domestic training centers and 52 units for 22 foreign training centers, has been completed.

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