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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Ameco, CAUC establish master-degree education


Ameco Beijing and the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) announced the establishment of a joint master degree education to strengthen the aviation industry in China. The education base will adopt a “dual tutor” system, where both Ameco and CAUC will jointly supervise and guide postgraduate students based on the requirements of CAUC. Having completed the classroom education for one year at CAUC, the students will go to Ameco for practical training. The education will provide a range of specialization options including macha-tronic engineering; pattern recognition and intelligent system; navigation, guidance and control; computer applied technology; safety technology; flight vehicle design; aerospace propulsion theory and engineering; man-machine and environmental engineering; management science and engineering. All Ameco tutors are highly skilled advanced engineers. Those who will qualify to teach will be hired as part-time postgraduate tutors. The establishment of the joint master degree education base is likened to an “open” education system. In recent years, Ameco Beijing has established close ties with CAUC in technology development and student education. Currently Ameco has four CAUC guest professors and postgraduate student tutors. With the establishment of the education base, the total number of tutors will be 15. Attending the ceremony to announce the program are Wu Tongshui, CAUC president, and Ameco Beijing’s Chai Weixi, CEO and general manager, and Andreas Meisel, general manager.

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