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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Jet fuel need at Baiyun


The rapid development of passenger and cargo air transport at New Baiyun Airport has increased the jet fuel requirement by 16 percent. It is estimated to reach almost 1 million tons, and break 2 million tons by 2012. General Manager Huang Qingding of the South China Bluesky Aviation Oil Co. said it is investing RMB 680 million to lay the second fuel pipeline, which is 80 km long, to improve oil supply service capability. He said Bluesky Aviation has a 13.46 percent market share of China’s aviation oil market, of which 59 percent of the fuel is used for airports. The aviation kerosene requirement in China increased by 9.13 percent in the last decade. The aviation oil requirement in China would reach 4 million tons by 2020. Bluesky will add storage volume of 60,000 to 100,000 cubic meters, establish 283 new fuel ground wells, and buy 30 fuel vehicles. It will also introduce a foreign advanced automatic fueling dispatch system and fueling safety management system, and improve the apron operation efficiency and safety level. Bluesky Aviation is a joint venture of China Aviation Oil Supply Co., UK BP Amoco and Hong Kong Fortune Oil, with a total investment of US$ 210 million. It has an oil pipeline with a length of 203 kilometers, an oil storage volume of 240,000 cubic meters, 100 various oil vehicles and 206 oil discharge positions. The company provides fueling service for 15 airports in China.

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