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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

ATMB opens fifth control sector at Shanghai airports


The East China Regional Air Traffic Management Bureau under the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) adjusted the flight separation distance for Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao airports. The ATMB added and opened a fifth control sector, which will ease the pressure on approach controllers brought about by dispatch conflict of flight command and by communication band overload, especially during peak hours at the two airports. In 2003, daily flight flow volume of the two big Shanghai airports averaged aircraft 750 movements. There were only two control sectors when aircraft landed and took off. As flight density increased over the last two years, the two sectors were increased to four. Today, flight flow volume has reached over 1,200 aircraft movements per day, nearly doubling the growth rate. After the implementation of the dual runway operation, Pudong Airport’s peak hour flight flow has reached 52 movements and 42 at Hongqiao Airport. This added pressure for approach control to effectively manage flights in and out of the two airports. The East China ATMB decided to divide the first sector into two, an outside sector and an inside sector. The outside sector dispatches flights in and out of Pudong Airport and civil flights overflying Hongqiao Airport. The inside sector undertakes dispatch of flights in and out of Hongqiao Airport and separation of flights entering Hongqiao Airport.

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