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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

CSA Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base Receives International License

In September, the Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base, of the Maintenance Engineering Division of the CSA (hereinafter referred to as Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base) now has many different reasons to celebrate. The first is that its capability for maintenance service of the Airbus 320 aircraft body was certified by the FAA. The second is that this unit has received approval by the SMS supplementary assessment (including examination). The third reason for celebration is that this unit was granted a certificate by the Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation as its APU Maintenance Facility and the fourth is that the 100th MRO aircraft delivery ceremony was held on the same day. The four occasions for celebration signify that Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base has reached a new level in their operation, which marks a milestone in the development history of Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base. During the celebrating ceremony, the CAAC’s Northeast Regional Administration issued the Safety Management Manual to Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base, which makes Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base the first MRO unit to have passed the SMS supplementary assessment (including examination). This showed that the safety management system of the Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base has been improving day by day until it has reached the standard of excellence. Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation granted a certificate to Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base, making Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base its APU Maintenance Facility. Shenyang Aircraft Maintenance Base is the first granted MRO facility of APU of the APS3200 style. In the recent years, China’s civil aviation industry has developed rapidly. There are already 2,400 aircraft in China, among which 600 aircraft are of the A320 series, and the amount is constantly increasing. Therefore, the latent capacity of the aviation MRO market is huge with much potential.
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