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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Two Scientific Research Projects from the Heilongjiang Provincial ATMB/CAAC Have Passed the Acceptance Inspection

In August, the Northeast ATMB held a conference regarding the inspection and approval of two scientific projects, the flight state automated processing and warning system and the Harbin Taiping International Airport’s snow forecast research system, which were both developed by the CAAC’s Heilongjiang Provincial ATMB. The inspection & acceptance committee was composed of 10 experts in the fields of air traffic control and meteorology. The experts were brought in from Shenyang, Dalian and Changchun. The flight state automated processing and warning system can receive, display and inquire the AFTN and SITA teletypewriter messages under different baud rates. This system can handle these teletypewriter messages to produce the corresponding flight schedule. In addition, according to the state of processing teletypewriter messages, the system can manage the flight schedule dynamically. The air traffic controllers can require the system to produce flight schedules without RVSM or TCAS, warn the airport of the flight schedule and the flyover plan and more. The CAAC’s Heilongjiang Provincial ATMB has the self-owned intellectual property rights of this system. This system is for high transport and if it is partly modified, it can be applied to similar air traffic control platforms. In the Harbin Taiping International Airport snow forecast project, the Harbin Taiping International Airport’s now fall records of the last 26 years have been put into statistical analysis and the temporal and spatial distribution of heavy snows and snowstorms has been concluded. A conceptual weather model of heavy snows and snowstorms has been established and a weather system that can lead to heavy snows or snowstorms has been set up. The mesoscale physical quantities of the diagnostic criteria of 12 to 24 hours before a heavy snow or snowstorm have been obtained. By interpreting and using the German, Japanese and the T639 numerical forecast products, the references for a snow’s fine forecasting have been provided so that the forewarning and forecast capability of heavy snows and snowstorms have been enhanced. The inspection and acceptance committee listened to the research reports, the technical reports and the test reports, reviewed and checked checked all the materials for acceptance inspection, watched the function presentation of the system and asked many related technical questions. After the inspections and reviewing all the necessary documents, all the members of the inspection and acceptance committee unanimously agreed that the achievements of the two projects accomplished all the research tasks required in the project contract and were of certain popularization value.
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