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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

The Test Flight of Chaoshan Airport Succeeds

In October, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft from China Southern Airlines landed safely at Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport (Chaoshan Airport for short), which is the first time that Chaoshan Airport has embraced an airliner. This airliner had successfully accomplished the tasks of inspecting and verifying the navigation system and the flight procedures of Chaoshan Airport, and had tested the air-ground communications, navigation devices, the runway pavement, the taxiway route, markers in the flight area, the headroom and the operating standards of the airport before it landed at the #113 parking position. After the aircraft landed at the airport, a brief but grand ceremony was held. At the ceremony, Liang Shijie, deputy director-general of the CAAC’s Central and Southern Regional Administration, Lin Yunxian, deputy general manager of the Guangdong Airport Management Corporation and Chen Lvping, Party chief of Jieyang, all made speeches. Zhu Hailong, representative of the test flight team also made a speech. Zhang Yumin, commander-in-chief of the construction department of the Guangdong Airport Management Corporation presided over the ceremony. Liang Shijie and Lin Yunxian both pointed out that the test flight was an important part for the construction of the Chaoshan Airport and the success of the test flight marked the total completion of Chaoshan Airport was near. Once the Chaoshan Airport is established, it will further complete the integrated transport system and the air transport network around the Chaoshan region. Futhermore, Chaoshan’s geographical advantages can be utilized and Chaoshan’s investment environment may be improved, which will add new vigor and vitality to the social and economic development of the Chaoshan region.
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