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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Domestic ATC Secondary Radar Gets License from the Civil Aviation Authority

In Nanjing, the ATC office of the CAAC (the ATC office for short) issued the Civil Aviation Air Traffic Communication & Navigation Supervisory Equipment License to the Nanjing Nriet Industrial Co., Ltd. of the No. 14 Institute of the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, for their independently developed and produced DLD-100C secondary surveillance radar. As mainland China’s first domestic secondary surveillance radar that has passed the examination of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the DLD-100C secondary surveillance radar has gained the license. This signifies that the domestic made secondary surveillance radar can be sold and put into service in mainland China’s civil aviation market. This has fixed the situation previously in that mainland China had no options other than to buy secondary surveillance radars from abroad. “The DLD-100C secondary surveillance radar produced by the No. 14 Institute of the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation has reached the technical standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO for short) and mainland China’s civil aviation needs. It has reached the advanced level in the international secondary surveillance radar industry and it meets all the requirements for application in the civil aviation industry,” said Su Langen, the director of the ATC office. This means that domestic secondary surveillance radars have formally been put into operation in the civil aviation ATC area. The domestic secondary surveillance radar is also the fruit of mainland China’s long term implementing of the equipment nationalization policy and actively driving domestic ATC equipment application into the civil aviation experimental area. As the core unit in the modern civil aviation ATC industry, the secondary surveillance radar plays an important role in ensuring civil flight safety and flight regularity. To make sure the secondary surveillance radar can run in various complex environments continuously, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC for short) has specified serious technical rules and regulations for the radar’s system functions, technological performance and system allocation. The CAAC also laid down some serious technical standards in the operation performance of the secondary surveillance radar, such as the security, reliability, continuity, veracity and maintainability. According to related rules, all ATC radars that go into mainland China’s civil aviation market should all receive the functional test and type certification examination in accordance with the technical standards of the ICAO and China’s regulations. If the ATC radar meets all the requirements, then it may receive the CAAC facility license.
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