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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

North China ATMB of CAAC Successfully Takes Over the ATM Command of the Upper Airspace Over Ji’nan

In September, the CA1708 flight flying into the upper airspace over Ji’nan contacted the Beijing Area Control Center. The CA1708 was the first scheduled flight that had received the moment ATM command from the Beijing Area Control Center. This marks the ATM command of the upper airspace over Ji’nan had been officially handed over to the North China ATMB of CAAC. After this handover, the upper airspace controlled by the North China ATMB of CAAC had been expanded from 750 thousand square kilometers to 870 thousand square kilometers. This was the first upper airspace ATM command handover, which means the civil airspace intergration strategy had achieved substantive progress and the ATM of civil aviation had taken a successful first step to the future’s large area run pattern. This inter-area upper airspace ATM command handover will accelerate the upper airspace resource integration process in east China. The ATM of upper airspace over Beijing and the ATM of upper airspace over Shanghai have been seamlessly connected so that the ATM on the Beijing-Shanghai air route has been put into regional centralization of management. The ATM all-in-one management preponderance has been exerted. The airspace structure compartition has been perfected. The systematization, networking and large area aim have been reached. The overall security capability of the ATM system in east China has been promoted. The operating efficiency of regional flight has been raised.
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