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Volume 14,Issue 3 Autumn 2012

Changbei Alenia radar inspected and repaired


The Technology Securing Department of Jiangxi Branch ATMB inspected and repaired Changbei Alenia radar on November 3rd to ensure perfect performance of the radar equipment. Based on the inspection and repair plan, Jiangxi Branch ATMB will renew Alenia secondary radar key parts, including its radar head processor and transmitter. Beginning at 12 o’clock on the morning of November 3rd, technicians from the Jiangxi Branch ATMB began the nonstop-eight-hours repair of the radar. They shut down Changbei Alenia radar, replaced components and performed a related adjustment and inspection. The Changbei Alenia radar has been in operation for seven years since it began service in 2000. With the special funds provided by East China ATMB to Jiangxi Branch ATMB, the repair and inspection was put into place. With the repair and inspection accomplished, the reliability of Changbei Alenia radar operation was in top working condition, ready for RVSM implementation in the East China area.

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